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Local Buses

I’ll admit, I don’t take buses all that often.  I find the Metro takes me most of the places that I want to go and even I have to put enough effort in to figuring out what bus I want that it doesn’t all seem worth it.

I know, that doesn’t sound like a rousing endorsement for the local bus system!  Really though, it is extensive and stays decently on time (can’t blame the bus drivers for the nasty traffic) and will get you to places that the Metro doesn’t go.  Go to the webpage and play around with the timetables and route maps.   You should also talk to someone at the hotel or the people you are staying with.  Even if you aren’t within walking distance of the Metro you will probably find there is a bus that will deposit you exactly where you want to go!

Another really great option for getting around downtown is the DC Circulator bus.  It is only $1 and it will take you a lot of places you want to go to but Metro doesn’t (like Georgetown).  The buses are a pretty distinctive red color, the bus stops are well marked with red signs and the buses have set routes so it is easy to figure out what you want.  Can also be a nice way to just “See some sites” when you are tired of walking!


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