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“Other” Modes of Transportation

So, along withe Metro, buses, driving and walking…how else can you get around D.C.? I’ve got a few additional options below, but I’m sure I’m missing many other interesting methods!

Taxi: D.C. has a good sized fleet of taxis, or should I say I’ve never had problem getting one when I want one.  They are all metered now (much better then the previous “zone” based fare system) and you can either hail one outside of wherever you are or program a number into your phone and call ahead.

Bike Rental: Popping up all over the city are these racks of red bicycles run by Capital Bikeshare.  Sort of like a Zipcar for bikes, you can rent from one kiosk, get to where you are going and then return it.  You do have to join and the rates aren’t great if you just want to tool around the city all day.  For that kind of excursion you’ll want to look for one of the companies that runs bike tours, most of them seem to have a self-guided option as well!

Tours: There are a ton of guided tour options in the city.  Depending on your activity level you can be led around on foot, by bike, on a Segway or in a bus.  There are also themed tours meant for the history buff, food lover and many others and some that are meant as a “hop on hop off” way to get around.  Just shop around and see what suits you best!


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